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Network marketing is booming. By 2015 an estimated 50% of American households will be involved with a network marketing business. In 2013 there were 600,000 new sign-ups in the US alone!  Unfortunately, not very many of these sign-ups are successful. ONLY 3% to 5% of network marketers make enough to live on. The rest of us struggle to market, find leads, and sponsor new reps effectively.

So, what are the network marketing secrets you need to follow to be successful?

The solution I’ve found is called attraction marketing. Instead of chasing down your friend, neighbor, co-worker, or ex from college to join your business, why not attract quality leads to you?

A quality lead is defined as someone who is actually searching for what you’re selling. It works much better! And if they say “no” to your initial offer, what if you could still sell them products and services to help them out and you STILL make money?

The goal is create multiple profit centers and it starts with branding YOURSELF, give yourself validity, create content that is valuable to your market, and people will FOLLOW YOU.

The links above will teach you how to use You Tube, Facebook, your blog, Twitter, and more to generate more leads, more traffic, and more profit than you could ever imagine possible.

I am living proof that this works. So, get started today!

To your success!

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